Student news

Anastasia’s study tips & tricks.

Student news

Anastasia’s study tips & tricks.

Today we’re hearing from student peer mentor, Anastasia…

As it is Academic Development Week, on behalf of the Peer Mentoring Team we hope to share with you some useful Studying Tips and Tricks and also some information on how you can spend your week.

It is important to remember that everyone studies differently, and therefore some tips that work for some students will not necessarily work for all. Over the years as a student I have learned that it is important to try different methods and be willing to adapt your studying based on what you are learning. Therefore, if some of these tips do not work for you, don’t sweat it and try something new. Enjoy your Academic Development Week and these Tips and Tricks: 

Tip #1 – Develop your own way of organisation. This can include using an agenda, diary, to-do-list or any form of calendar or to-do-list app to help you organise your assignments and write down what events and priorities you have coming up. 

Tip #2 – Use a variety of colours when highlighting, making notes or when writing down important dates in order to make them stand out. It may also be helpful to colour coordinate your modules in your calendar or agenda/diary. 

Tip #3 – Always Ask Questions. There is no such thing as a silly question, so make sure to speak out early enough about anything that you are unaware of or concerned about. This can include asking your friends, course mates or lecturers. 

Tip #4 – Give yourself a break. It is important to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Take some time to enjoy a cup of tea, a biscuit and watch your favourite television show or read a book. By taking time for yourself to hang out with friends, exercise or rest is a great way to improve your studying sessions too. 

Tip #5 – GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Currently we are still in the of a mist of a global pandemic and this may have caused you to feel lonely or having to self-isolate. Therefore, it is so important to try to study or take a break by leaving your house or flat. This could include going for a walk to the park, meeting up with some friends (while being socially safe) or joining a society or sports team that meets up during the week. By changing scenery and setting it may help to clear your mind and in return when returning to your studies you may see things with a different point of view.

Tip #6 – Ask for Help. It is so important to ask for help whenever you need it from anyone that you feel comfortable. It can be intimidating sometimes to ask for help, but there is the possibility that others around you have the same question. 

Tip #7 – Take part in various Academic Development Week events that are happening. There are many virtual opportunities to develop some of your academic skills and to interact with the peer mentoring team and ask us any questions that you might have. 


Find out what events are happening for Academic Development Week via these dedicated webpages. Why not have a virtual cuppa with a peer mentor or test your knowledge on academic skills and development available at the uni with a virtual quiz… There are even prizes to be won!