Student news

A new COVID-19 asymptomatic testing centre in Canterbury.

Student news

A new COVID-19 asymptomatic testing centre in Canterbury.

The new asymptomatic testing centres are part of the Government’s plan to ensure the safe return of students to their family homes in time for Christmas between 3 – 9 December.

The tests are for those students who have no COVID-19 symptoms. The centre will be based in Augustine Hall in Canterbury (from 30 November to 8 December).

There will also be facilities for our students in Medway – for details click here.

How do I book a test?

Please book a time slot here.

Why take the test?

You may feel fine and have no symptoms, but it is good to check that you are OK before you travel – so you can protect your loved ones and play your part in helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Students should take two lateral flow tests, 3 days apart, before going home if they test negative.  

The lateral flow test is:

  • An approved and trusted way of testing. This gives you the reassurance you need to know   that you are safe to go home as soon as you have tested negative twice, or the ability to self-isolate and still have time to get home safely for Christmas if you test positive.
  • A quick and easy swab with results available within 3-4 hours if not sooner.
  • Safe – managed by the NHS Test and Trace Team, with the testing sites overseen by the University following the government guidance.  

Thank you for continuing to follow the national lockdown guidance, limiting physical contact as much as possible, and staying safe. Hopefully in this way you will have limited your risk of contracting COVID-19 and once tested will be able to go home safely.

Please note if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are self-isolating due to being a close contact, you should not use the asymptomatic test centres. If you have COVID-19 symptoms you can you book a NHS COVID-19 test online or call NHS 119. Also please let the University know via this form so we can continue to support you