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5 tips for making friends at uni.

Student news

5 tips for making friends at uni.

Hello everyone, during Instagram takeovers some of you asked about making friends so I decided to write a bit more about it. Maybe you’re lucky and you’ve already met some other students, but you might be like me, who didn’t know anyone at the beginning. Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends. 

1. Get to know your flatmates

Most likely your flatmates are going to be your first contact, just approach with curiosity, get to know each other first. It’s much nicer living with someone you can talk to and be friends. However, always respect if some flatmate is maybe more of introvert and needs more privacy. 

2. Share recipes

If your flatmate is interested maybe you can share some recipes of your national food, but hey, no pressure! You can keep it to basics and see if you want to share some stuff in kitchen and share cleaning duties. This is nice chance to agree on little tasks and keep your new home tidy and nice. 

3. Introduce yourself!

Once uni starts, my advice for new students is talk to others when you have induction week, others might feel like you wanting to meet others, so why not to make a first step and introduce yourself? 😀 

4. Get involved

After that, societies are awesome place to make friends, from sports, international society, drama, religious societies to Eco students societies. My experience of studying has been so much better thanks to Drama Society where I met most of my friends during my first year. Awesome thing is having activities student led, and having socials in free time. 


For international students, there is also host UK option- a way to meet British families. This is a nice way to immerse yourself in culture and make friends, and you can check it out here.

Written by current student, Ena