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5 reasons clearing could be for you.

Student news

5 reasons clearing could be for you.

Over 70,000 students were accepted into University through clearing last year in the UK, though there are still a lot of misconceptions about clearing. There are many reasons people may choose to apply through clearing, whether it’s a change of circumstance, a change of mind, or things just don’t go as you had planned. Clearing can be a lifeline for many students, and here are 5 examples of the reasons why real students applied through clearing:  

1. Didn’t get the grades

Though you may feel disappointed if you don’t achieve the grades required for your first choice of University, don’t let this deter you from going to university altogether. You can find similar courses through clearing, and may find yourself happier in your new choice, in fact, 92% of students who apply to university through clearing are confident they made the right choice. (UCAS, 2015)  

CCCU student Emily got the grades to get into her first choice university but failed the skills test, meaning all of her plans she had her heart set on fell apart before her eyes. However, after finding a similar course in CCCU and being assured she’d get guaranteed accommodation, Emily found herself back on track to becoming a primary school teacher. 

2. Change of career

Many students who apply through clearing are mature students, who already started their working life, but have come to the decision to change the career path they’re on. Because of this change in career it may feel difficult to fulfil entry requirements, so applying through clearing can help you get onto the course you want, and fill in any gaps in qualifications through things like foundation years. 

Creative Writing student Laine never thought he would reach his goal of becoming a writer, having no qualifications, but CCCU clearing meant he got into the course via the foundation year, and he is now writing novels, screenplays and short stories, and feels as if he is on his way to achieve his dream.  

3. Change of course choice

Applying for University can feel overwhelming. There are thousands of courses to choose from, and so much pressure to make the right choice. But if you change your mind after applying to university the traditional way, Clearing might be for you.

Rachel had originally applied for Business Studies, when she realised that what she really wanted to do was Animal Science, and eventually become a vet. Clearing made this possible for Rachel.

4. Change where you want to live

Since applying for university you may change your mind about where exactly you want to live for the next three years.

Jessica lived in Canterbury but had applied only for universities in London before deciding that staying closer to home would be financially beneficial as well as keeping her close to her family. She spoke to CCCU over the phone and quickly found a place with us.

5. Life changes

Life has a habit of never going to plan (just look at 2020). If your original life plans have suddenly changed, you may feel unsure of where to turn to next. But going to University is still an option, if you want to retrain or achieve qualifications in your existing specialism, applying to university through clearing can help get you back on track regardless of qualifications.

Harry had always wanted to join the marines, but when he got medically discharged, having no qualifications, he wasn’t sure which direction his life was going to go, but after stumbling across CCCU clearing campaign he started a Sports and Exercise degree, and now is on his way to achieving a PhD.

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