Our Next Work in Progress Session:

Wednesday 30th November, 4.15-5.45, Pg06

Please join us for the final session of 2016 in which Alistair Zaldua and Adam Hodgkins will present their live sound and video work, ahead of a performance in Canterbury on Thursday evening.


Hodgkins/Zaldua Duet

Adam Hodgkins: improvisor on live video

Alistair Zaldua: violin and live electronics

They write:

“We will present a Lecture Recital comprising a short description of our work so far and perform one of our works: Deft.

This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between video and film artist Adam Hodgkins and composer Alistair Zaldua. In this project we pair live video with live electronic and instrumental improvisation. In our lecture recital we will present one of our pieces entitled Deft.In this work the live video presents a set of limited manual actions selected for their sense of the gestural; in turn layered and composited manually. The sound operates with a limited set of instrumental timbres: each part is a translation, or a notation of and for the other. Translation, and therefore notation, is thus presented as a continual, perceptual, audio-visual process rather than as the creation of an end product. We aim at a performance that not only embodies these categories but passes between them continuously via the continuous process of collaboration.

We will be performing Deft and a further work during our Free Range concert at the Waterhouse Café on Thursday December 1st, at 8:30pm.


Alistair Zaldua is a composer of contemporary and experimental music and has written work for: chamber ensemble, solo instrument, improvisation, live electronics, audio/visual installation. Alistair currently teaches at Canterbury Christ Church University .

Adam Hodgkins is an independent film maker and artist. Adam also teaches film, photography and new media at the University of Westminster. He is an active member of the Exploding Cinema collective, organising events in London and elsewhere.