Alistair Zaldua’s piece called contrejours for solo piano and live electronics will be performed by international pianist Jonas Olsson in Gothenburg on Saturday 22nd October at the GAS (Gothenburg Art Sounds) festival.

This piece was composed in 2012 & the title, contrejours refers to a technique in photography where the main image is almost totally obscured by having been photographed against the main source of light: ‘against the day(light)’. My intention wasn’t in hiding anything; the blind spots in this piece attempt to describe the proximities or disconnections between electronics and pianist whilst conceiving of both as a singular, or meta-instrument.

The piano part consists of one piano technique: stopped harmonics. The pitches played are non-tempered harmonics the exact frequencies of which which are traced by the electronics. During this piece the computer and performer are involved in a continuous feedback system: the computer analyses both the pitches and the pianist’s playing speed and makes decisions on the output which are mainly: sounds that are similar in character and pitch. The pianist concentrates and interacts with the character of the sounds emerging from the electronics and actively alters them to shape the piece.

Preview the piece here: