The Orpheus Institute for Artistic Research in Music (Belgium) will be hosting a seminar in partnership with CCCU for Wintersound Festival 2019.

Date: Saturday 26th January 2019

Time: 10.30-18.00

Place: St Gregory’s Centre for Music, Canterbury Christ Church University

“As Kittler observed, a defining characteristic of modern media is their affordance of ‘time-axis manipulation’. Since Kittler’s own time, however, the technologies of media production have become effectively identical with those of storage and retrieval. This includes all the ways we inscribe, organise or manipulate sound or abstract music – and for the digital machine there is no difference in kind between sound and abstraction.

Artists thus work in an environment in which cultural-historical views of history (whether the end of history or the eternal dynamism of Benjamin’s angel of history) are contiguous with personal, even real-time views (Husserl’s articulation of retention and protention, for example). Retrieval and manipulation across history and geography are no different in kind to ‘real-time’ processing of material acquired nanoseconds ago. Technological developments have opened up vast space of possibilities that challenge assumptions about time, history, the autonomy of material, and personal or cultural ownership. The practices of composition, improvisation and reception evolve. In many respects, the nature and selection of material have become more fluid, more situated or contingent. ‘Becoming-material’ is transformed as a process.”

The schedule for the day can be downloaded here.

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