Over the summer Tim Long showed three works at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition collectively titled ‘Goodbye Mr Pixels’. The two framed prints were made from woodcuts carved into two interior faces of a sculptural head, which was displayed joined together again.

Tim is continuing to examine the relationships between two, and three-dimensional forms with another work, provisionally titled ‘Many eyes, many teeth’. The wooden sculpture has again been cut in two and the ‘teeth’ are cut into the interior faces.
Tim has also been working on a group of forms that relate to the human figure, composed from interchangeable and hybrid fragments, called provisionally ‘consequences’, after the surrealist drawing game also known as ‘Le cadavre exquis‘.
Tim’s practice-based research, or these objects, sets out to interrogate the relationships between subject and object. The objects he produces are, paradoxically, a combination of both subject and object (myself, and the solid form) that are open to interpretation by others, making them become new objects, or ‘subjectiles’, that fuse together the viewer and the object, in a new configuration, or hybrid form.