The Royal Musical Association Music and/as Process study group will be holding their 2019 Conference at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London on Friday, 26th July.

Instead of a typical conference event as they have held before, this year’s event will focus on the process, and processes, of realising collaborative scores. The day will consist of workshops, discussion, and eventual performance of the music selected.

The group are interested in receiving musical works that designate and identify collaborative processes as a central part of their realisation. These pieces may be either almost completed, or newly completed works that can be workshopped, and discussed during the day. The pieces will be performed by delegates and members of the Music and/as Process study group. Each piece should have a maximum duration of 10-12 minutes.

The pieces may include one or a subset of these characteristics:

  • Conduction
  • Collaborative notation
  • Collective composition working practice
  • Collective decision-making in rehearsal
  • Distributed creativity
  • Formation and operation of collectives
  • Graphic notation
  • Game pieces
  • Live group decision-making in performance
  • Uses of technology to mediate collective behaviours and decision-making
  • Improvisation

The selected pieces will be those that can be learned and performed over the course of a single day.

Proposals: Please send the following to Dr Steve Gisby:

  • Copy of the score, or scores, as a pdf
  • A short description (250 words) of the collaborative aspect of the piece
  • An outline of the resources or instruments required

Due to the event format, there can be no guarantee of the availability of specific ensembles or instruments, and very complicated electronic set-ups are also unlikely to be feasible in the time on the day.

Deadline for proposals: Friday May 10th, 2019.

Music and/as Process committee: Steve Gisby, Richard Glover, John Hails, Lauren Redhead, Sophie Stone, and Alistair Zaldua.

For more information about the event, please visit the Music and/as Process site.

Call for submissions can be found here.