Our second work-in-progress event will be on the 2nd November, 4.15-5.45pm in Pg06.

Join us to hear from Joe Inkpen who will present his PhD work in progress. Joe writes:

As a current MPhil/PhD student under the supervision of Matt Wright and Nic McKay my focus is on innovating rhythm in composition, and this has led to polytemporal composition. I’ve been using practical research to investigate the aesthetics, methods and implications of composing polytemporal music, and how to overcome issues including that of technology, focus and live performance of this kind of work. My most recent pieces feature four tempi, also incorporating video elements to further enhance and enable the perception of multiple simultaneous tempi – this (a work for four guitars), with discussion can be found here, in blog format from a recent progress review. I will be referencing this, and also showing some examples of a new work currently in progress.

As usual we will be using the Critical Response Framework to respond to Joe’s presentation and discuss the ideas in his work.

We hope to see you there!