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the new temple

After the waters of the flood subside, a church is built upon the site of the prison, on the spot where some of the Mermedonians killed by the flood were resurrected, and from whence the waters first emerged: ‘then the brave one, the craftsman of God, commanded a church to be built, a temple of God constructed where the youths arose through the baptism of God, where the waters sprang forth’. A bishop named Plato is ordained to continue Andrew’s work, and Mermedonia becomes a prosperous place of community, no longer feasting upon human flesh, but on the body and blood of God.

Riddley Walker

Cambry senter [Chapter 15]

Riddley comes to the ruined cathedral in Cambry: here, at the centre of the ring, the ghost of the old power still shines. The walls of the cathedral are gone, but the crypt, with its pillars and carvings, is visible. This site is another ‘hoal’ for imprisoning the Eusa folk. Riddley has heard legends of the lost cathedral organ: when he discovers ‘stoan trees’ in the crypt, he speculates that the ‘stoan ben cut and carvit’ by the makers of those ‘jynt music pipes’. Riddley has a mystical experience here, receiving a complex ‘tel’ and hallucinations, including the face of the enigmatic green man, ‘Greanvine’.

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