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the flood subsides

The floodwaters that Andrew summons prompt the Mermedonians to undertake a hasty conversion: ‘the waters encircled, and mountainous streams flowed – the flood was at its height, until the swelling waters were up to their necks’. Andrew ‘commanded the waters to be still, and the storms to come to rest within the stony gates’, and a ‘path was cleared for him through the rushing torrent – that plain of victory became fair, and the ground dried at his every footstep. The hearts of the townspeople were filled with joy, and their spirits were gladdened, now that a remedy had come forth for their injury’.

Riddley Walker

Fork Stoan outers [Chapter 12]

Following the circuit, Riddley and the Ardship continue to the next Dead Town, Fork Stoan.  Here Riddley recalls his ‘kid crowd’ and imagines his younger selves surrounding him, ‘clyming over old walls stumps and stannings.’ Amongst the town’s ruins are giant machines, broken but still ‘smoov’ and ‘shyning’. The sound of waves beyond is ‘like them machines… breaving and sying in ther sleep’. These symbols of lost power, knowledge and technological achievement strike Riddley with awe, reducing him to tears. As he exclaims, ‘How cud any 1 not want to get that shyning Power back..?’

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