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the mouth of hell

At the climax of the poem, Andrew summons a flood, which bursts forth from a pillar in his jail cell. This forces the Mermedonians into a hasty conversion, and they promise that they will give up their worship of devils and consumption of human flesh. This great burial mound splits open, and as the waters are sucked into it, they drag fourteen of the most evil Mermedonians down into hell: ‘then the burial mound opened up, a terrifying fissure in the earth, and the turbulent waves swept into it – the ground swallowed up the churning waters’.

Riddley Walker

Fools Circel 9wys and Eusa’s head [Chapter 11]

Circles are places of power: part of the Cambry Power Ring can clearly be seen here. This is the ideal site for the Mincery to display the Ardship’s head and wait for its ‘tel’. As with Riddley’s boar, this practice echoes the legend of Eusa, whose severed head continues to speak after death. Before his rescue, the Ardship begins a final progress through the Dead Towns, echoing Fools Circel 9wys. This ritual circuit is designed to ‘axel rate’ power before the sacrifice. Riddley’s intervention has broken this cycle and thwarted the Mincery’s hopes of regaining lost knowledge through the Ardship’s tel.

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