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location 3


the work of giants

Here are the stones of the crumbling, rubble-strewn streets across which Andrew is dragged by the Mermedonians during his three days of torture, before he is miraculously healed and restored to wholeness: ‘They commanded him to be drawn over the land, their fearsome enemy, to be hauled across it repeatedly in the most perilous way they could find – those infamous men, those men of hardened hearts, dragged him through scree in the hills, around stone cliffs, and as widely as the roads stretched, the ancient works of giants within the fortifications – streets paved with stone’.

Riddley Walker

the Ardship’s hoal [Chapter 11]

Riddley is greeted outside Widders Dump by the leader of the Bernt Arse dog pack. Discovering he is dog frendy, Riddley follows the pack to Bernt Arse, the nearest Dead Town. Below here, amongst the ‘stannings’ and rubble, Riddley finds the blind ‘Ardship of Cambry’, imprisoned in an underground ‘hoal’. The Ardship is one of the deformed, mystical ‘Esua folk’, linked to the apocalyptic fall. The sacrificial victim of the ‘Fools Circel 9wys’ chant, his head is also destined for the end of a pole.

Freeing the Ardship from this hoal seals Riddley’s fate as an outsider.

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