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location 2


the Mermedonian prison

Upon entering the city, Andrew makes his way to the prison where Matthew and the rest of the Mermedonians’ prisoners are held captive until their captors are ready to slaughter them for food: ‘noble Andrew pressed on, Christ’s champion, until he reached the prison, where he saw the gang of pagans, seven in number, standing together before the bars of the jail. Sudden death took them all, and they fell without glory – the rush of death overcame those blood-soaked warriors’.

Riddley Walker

Widders Dump [Chapters 2 & 11]

Riddley’s group work recovering scrap at the infamous Widders Dump, digging out a vast pit ‘down to the chalk’. Here they unearth a huge lump of ancient machinery which crushes and kills Riddley’s father. Later Riddley uncovers a Punch figure here. This puppet contains the atrophied hand of the showman who operated it; the bodies of several children are found in the area. Riddley senses that the Punch figure holds some special significance. Rather than give it to the overseer Belnot Phist, Riddley throws Phist into the mud, jumps over the fence and runs away. This transgression makes Riddley an outcast.

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