o what we ben!

about the organisers.

o what we ben!

about the organisers.

Mike Bintley: Andreas

Mike is a literary and cultural historian of early medieval Britain and Scandinavia, and a Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature at CCCU.

In collaboration with Professor Richard North, Mike is responsible for the most recent edition and translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem Andreas, which you can find here, and he has written extensively about the representation of urban places and ruins in early medieval English literature and landscape.

Visit Mike’s profiles at CCCU or academia.edu.

michael.bintley [at] canterbury.ac.uk

Sonia Overall: Riddley Walker

Sonia is a writer and psychogeographer, and a Senior Lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing at CCCU.

Sonia’s current research includes psychogeographical approaches to reading and exploring text. She is a member of the Walking Artists Network and the founder and curator of Women Who Walk, a network of women using walking in academic and creative practices.

Sonia Overall has led walking events engaging with the hidden histories and stories of place for The Folkestone Book Festival, English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Funded Walking Heritage project and The 4th World Congress of Psychogeography.

Visit Sonia’s website or her profile at CCCU.

sonia.overall [at] canterbury.ac.uk