Post 2: Associate Director Interviews

Written by Producers: Lucy Steward and Ania Kapsza

This week we’re back behind the scenes with The Addams Family musical at Canterbury Christ Church University, getting some more inside information on how the show is coming along in the last few weeks before intensives begin.

Today we’re introducing you to our two wonderful student Associate Directors, who are already working hard in the rehearsal room. We managed to find a gap in their busy schedule to catch up with them and find out their thoughts on the experience so far.

Name: Christopher Case

Course: Level 6 Drama & Film, Radio and Television

Why did you apply to be an Associate Director?

I applied because one of my dreams is to write my own piece of theatre, direct my own piece of theatre and star in my own piece of theatre. I wanted to work on the musical to get the experience I need to achieve this.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

Drama allows me the chance to be in front of a live audience, whereas Film allows me to work behind and in front of the camera. As a result I get to experience a broad range of roles within the entertainment industry.

What are you enjoying most about the process of the musical so far?

Getting to know the cast and helping them to get to know their characters.

What is your favourite musical?

Probably Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. As a kid, a car flying over my head was pretty cool. Oh actually, The Lion King. I love Lion King. The puppetry is incredible and creates such an atmosphere. I can’t decide!

Name: Izzy Galbraith

Course: Level 6 Drama

Why did you apply to be an Associate Director?

I studied directing in second year with Dr Jessica Beck (the director for The Addams Family) and really enjoyed the module so I thought I’d give this a go!

What do you most enjoy about your course?

I’ve been able to get to know so many great people. Not only have I found what I want to do after uni, but I have also developed a lot of contacts within the School of Music and Performing Arts, as we are able to specialise in everything from Technical Theatre and Stage Management to Acting and Vocals.

What are you most enjoying about the process of the musical so far?

I’m excited that I’m working on a comedy because a lot of the directing I’ve done in the past has been very serious and dark. It’s also great to get to know everyone. There are a lot of people on the production that I haven’t worked with before and wouldn’t have done so if it hadn’t been for the musical.

What is your favourite musical?

Sweeney Todd!! I think Sondheim’s music is great and I love how dark the show is.

Many thanks to Christopher and Izzy for their time.

We’ll be back with more about our wonderful band, cast and crew, but, until then, make sure you follow @CCCUMPA_musical on our social media platforms for all the latest updates!

And don’t forget that The Addams Family runs from the 13th – 16th June 2018 in Anselm Studios and tickets are available via this link.