New Perspectives on Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Updated conference agenda for the 12th May, following rescheduled date due to the snow in March.

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9.30: Conference Registration in the Maxwell Davies Building

10.00: Welcome (MDg01)

10.15: Sessions 1a and 1b: (MDg01 and MDf08)

Session 1a: Maxwell Davies’s Music and Esthesis

Chair: John Fallas, University of Leeds

  1. Jo Wilhem Siebert (SIM, Berlin): Worldes Blis: A Title and its Implications
  2. John Hails (Edinburgh Napier): Listening to Lines of Flight

Session 1b: Analysing Maxwell Davies

Chair: Stelios Chatziiosifidis, Canterbury Christ Church University

  1. Nirmali Fenn: Yale NUS College: Squaring the Truth
  2. Richard McGregor: Maxwell Davies’s Fool

11.15: Coffee and walk to St Gregory’s

11.30: Performance Session (St Gregory’s)

Chair: Professor Robert Rawson, Canterbury Christ Church University

  1. Simon Desbruslais (University of Hull): The Signature of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
  2. Chris Price (Canterbury Christ Church University): Seven Songs Home: Challenging Music Education
  3. Performances of Seven Songs Home(Top Voices, dir. Chris Price, Canterbury Christ Church University) and Litany for a Ruined Chapel Between Sheep and Shore(Simon Desbruslais, University of Hull

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Keynote Talk (MDg01)

Chair: Lauren Redhead, Canterbury Christ Church University

Dr Nicholas Jones (Cardiff University): ‘For the Islands I Sing’: Composing the Orkney Landscape.’

15.30: Break

15.45: Sessions 3a and 3b (MDg01 and MDf08)

Session 3a: Maxwell Davies in Context

Chair: Sophie Stone (Canterbury Christ Church University)

  1. Kate Guthrie (University of Bristol): Maxwell Davies and the Postwar Revolution in Music Pedagogy [Skype]
  2. Karen Olson (Washington University at St Louis): Maxwell Davies as Environmentalist
  3. David Dewar (University of Bristol): Two Choral works and one Opera: performing Sir Peter’s music with professional and amateur forces

Session 3b: Changing perspectives

Chair: tbc

  1. Terence Curran and Alison Wells (OU and RCM): Changing Perspectives and Personal Reflections on the Performance of Miss Donithorne’s Maggot (1974)
  2. Federica Nardacci (RCM): Letters of a Young Composer

17.00: Walk to Maxwell Davies

17.15: Installation (St Greg’s)

For the Islands I Sing: directed by Alistair Zaldua, Canterbury Christ Church University and created by MMus composers

18.00: Close, and informal meal and drinks in Canterbury