Next week on our Broadstairs Campus

Don’t miss this fantastic event coming up in Dwell Bar! From 7pm until 10pm nightly, on the 8th to the 10th of March – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is FREE for all MPA staff and students or £10 per night for all others, with three amazing shows included for this price. In addition, if you book before 8th March via the Arts and Culture website you will receive a £3 discount.

Pathway is a vibrant Kent-based record label, boasting a thrilling roster of composers and performers from the genres of jazz, world music, classical and folk. Canterbury Christ Church University proudly hosts Pathway’s festival packed with fresh new music and outstanding musicianship.

There will also be musical involvement from our talented staff members:
Wednesday will feature: Richard Rozze (Open Water), Jeff Alexander (Open Water), Paul Booth (house band w/Tim Rose and Davide Giovannini), James Dean (house band w/ Davide Giovannini

Thursday will feature: Jeff Alexander (solo set), Paul Booth (house band w/Nigel Thomas), James Dean (house band w/Will Gibson)

Friday will feature: Richard Rozze (house band w/Paula Vera and Pathways Collective), Paul Booth (house band w/Paula Vera and Pathways Collective), James Dean (house band w/Pathways collective).

Don’t miss it!