At the beginning of the month, our Broadstairs campus welcomed the amazing bass player Michael Janisch. The american producer, record label holder and performer gave a masterclass along with his band to our music students before performing at wonderful concert. Here is Hannah Jacobi’s account on the day:

On a dreary Wednesday afternoon a group of first, second and third year music students boarded a coach and headed over to the Broadstairs campus for a masterclass given by bassist Michael Janisch and his band Paradigm Shift. In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect and just thought it would be nice to get away from uni for the day! What we saw still blows my mind over a week later.
From his laid back introductions (he could make the phone book sound interesting!) to the mind-boggling sax and trumpet solos we were all hypnotised from their first piece. Once Michael and the band began to coach some of the Commercial Music students we were all completely in awe (and feeling very inadequate as musicians!), their musicality and ability to listen to each other and adapt accordingly was something anyone in an ensemble, no matter the genre, should aspire to. We saw how he and the band had seamlessly integrated live music with electronics, after a while, I’d forgotten that the laptop doesn’t feature in your average jazz band, they even let some students have a go at manipulating live sound!
The gig in the evening was one that will not leave my memory for a very long time. Every piece was flawless in its delivery and the instrumentalists were all at the top of their game and watching them was a mix of sheer delight and an immense source of inspiration.


In short, if you ever get the chance to watch Michael Janisch and Paradigm Shift play, don’t miss out, it will be a gig you will never forget. It has certainly changed the way I think about my music making.