LaunchFest 2013

September saw the move of the Performing Arts students from Folkestone to Canterbury. To celebrate the merge, the Department for Music and Performing Arts hosted LaunchFest (26th-28thSeptember): a mixture of Music, Dance and Drama performances from Christ Church staff and students. With a packed programme over three days spanning three different locations, three performance disciplines and four centuries of works over twelve performances, we were never short of something to do, and I even managed to see every concert!

As part of the LaunchFest volunteer crew, my main role was to manage the concerts in St. Gregory’s Centre for Music. This meant ensuring the performers had all the resources they needed, the technicians were happy, and everything was working correctly so the concerts would run smoothly. The importance of each of these tasks meant that once the concert was underway, we all felt a sense of pride and accomplishment – this was increased ten fold at the end of the festival itself!
One of the best things about being on the team was the chance to meet the new students – not just from Performing Arts, but the first year Music students too, as well as Events Management students who were on the team. We all got on fantastically, which not only helped to make the festival run smoothly, but also ensured that there was a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at each concert.
Being at the official opening of Anselm Studios was a special moment, too, as I had seen the space before, and during, its transformation to a professional performance and rehearsal area.
The time, organisation and care that had been put into the festival was evident in a number of instances. Most notably, each performance’s space and acoustic needs were taken into account and, while flitting between three locations over campus was tiring after even the first day(!), it was worth it to see each concert enjoyed in its appropriate environment. The music concerts ranged from Mozart’s Coronation Mass to Electronic Music, and everything in between, and the staff and students’ commitment, department-wide (despite the fact term was not due to start until the following week!), was admirable.

Thanks go to the Department of Music and Performing Arts in its entirety, for supporting the Festival through performance and attendance. Special thanks to Christina Papaspyrou and her volunteer crew for making it all happen!
Kelly Butler, BMus, Year 3