A new piece by Dr Lauren Redhead, performed by Mari Fukumoto

The work for organ and electronics will receive its premiere at Beast Feast on Friday 27th April in the Barber Concert Hall, held at the University of Birmingham. It is a three day festival of music, meeting and ideas.

Their website describes the event as follows:

Ideas of democracy and equality regularly feature in discussion of electroacoustic music. As an artform, electroacoustic music is rooted in the modernist idea that no sound lies outside the realm of music, hence, we might say, ‘all sounds are created equal’. Additionally, it is often claimed that the development of electroacoustic music is partly dependent upon the democratisation of technology, as large, expensive mainframe computers only accessible to academic researchers have gradually given way to home computers, laptops and smartphones—this giving rise to a ‘music from the bedroom studios’. Whether seeking sonic inspiration in the roar of political crowds, or by creating works that deliberately blur the boundaries and hierarchies between composers, performers and listeners, electroacoustic composers and sound artsits have frequently sought inspiration in principles of democracy and equality.

For this instalment of BEAST FEaST we seek to explore the theme of democracy and equality in relation to all its possible manifestations in electroacoustic music including sound, genre, representation and technology.

Dr Lauren Redhead’s piece is entitled: seo nídhæmestre; se tidfara, which translates as: a woman who has been violated; a traveller, the time of whose journey has come.

The programme notes say: I sing myself as a true song: how I have often endured the tossing of the waves; how, weary and often, I had to endure in the sea-paths. There I heard nothing but the roaring sea, the ice-cold wave. That was overcome, so may this be.

It will be performed by organist Mari Fukumoto. Fukumoto was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1987 and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts  in 2009. She studied organ with Prof. Tsuguo Hirono and associate Prof. Yuichiro Shiina. She also studied non-idiomatic improvisation with Masahiko Satoh and plays musical improvisation as a member of the Alien Networks. She completed a masters in perrformance of early music at Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Hamburg in 2013, supported by scholarships from DAAD and the Otto Stöterau Foundation.