A vardo is the Romany word for a wagon or caravan. The Romany vardo owned and maintained by Canterbury Christ Church University is a ‘Marriage Wagon’, constructed c. 1908. It is stationed at Augustine Arts Centre, next to Augustine House. It is available for projects such as micro-exhibitions, residencies, readings, recitals, film screenings etc. It can ‘comfortably’ seat six inside; there is also space outside for a small gathering. It has a pull-out bed which can act as a display space, it also has a projection screen. Electricity can be supplied from the portacabin beside the caravan upon request.

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Hiring the Caravan

The space is available for rent under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The caravan needs to be returned in the same condition it was lent.
  2. No fittings and fixings to be added or changed without permission.
  3. The caravan can be moved to another location, but only with permission. Assurance needs to be given in writing that the location is secure and the caravan insured.
  4. A flat bed trailer is required for transport outside of the Augustine House complex.
  5. Any damage needs to be reported to the Art Office AAg35
  6. The padlock key needs to be returned to the Art Office at the end of the project. The user to supply a new padlock upon loss of the key.

Submitting a Proposal

Please send your proposal to James Frost, Augustine Arts centre. Please provide the following information as part of your proposal:

  • Contact details
  • Project title
  • Project duration (from – to)
  • Project description