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Research Seminar: 8 March 2017 – Sam Bale and Ida Cholewinska.


Research Seminar: 8 March 2017 – Sam Bale and Ida Cholewinska.

We present two papers by practising artists on our Masters by Research Programme.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media Art and Design
Research Seminars 2016-2017

8 March 2017

Sam Bale: The Fire Beneath: Representation and Embodiment in Depictions of Iceland’s Glacial Landscape
Ida Cholewinska: An Examination of Ideas About Cultural Identity: An Experience of a Polish Artist Operating in the UK
Canterbury Christ Church University

Sam Bale will look at ideas of the Sublime in contemporary practice, focussing particularly on glacial landscapes of Iceland and North America. Bale has been working with the Burkean Sublime and her own work is semi-abstract. Her colour palette tends be restricted to blues, whites, greys and blacks, with the new additions of reds and oranges to represent the volcanoes and lava present just beneath the surface of the glaciers of Iceland. She is influenced by Alexander Cozens’ Blotting Method of drawing, in which the landscapes he creates are more “invented” by the blot of ink landing on the page, as well as by the work of Nicolas de Stael and Per Kirkeby.

The focus of Ida Cholewinska’s work is on the nature of the people that migrate from Poland – her native country – examining their appearance, choice of clothing and style while in Poland to understand their origins and again now that they live in the UK to comprehend their change in identity, adaptation or social liberation in relation to her own experience. The work dwells on nostalgia and aims to examine how childhood memories shape her own cultural identity. As a result she hopes to have a greater understand of how important our early past is in creating our current self-view. For Cholewinska, like others, the amalgamation of a childhood in one country with one culture and early adulthood in another country with other cultures has led to a sense of diaspora.

Sam Bale is a painter, currently studying for a MA by Research in the School of Media, Art and Design. Ida Cholewinska has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Turner Contemporary, and is on MA by Research in the School of Media, Art and Design.

Augustine House – AH3.31
Rhodaus Town, Canterbury CT1 2YA
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