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Research Seminar 15 March 2017: Alex Colley and Emma Graves.


Research Seminar 15 March 2017: Alex Colley and Emma Graves.

Two more of our MRes students are delivering research papers in the School of Media, Art and Design.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media Art and Design
Research Seminars 2016-2017
15 March 2017

Emma Graves, News Representations of Virtual Reality
Canterbury Christ Church University

When new technologies emerge, public knowledge of them is naturally low. At this point, news media play a crucial role in shaping public perceptions of these devices (Allan et al, 2010). As virtual reality platforms such as Oculus Rift are only just becoming commercially available, it is important to analyse how they are being represented at this influential time. This presentation focuses on the preliminary results from a study on representations of virtual reality devices in UK and US newspapers. Few studies have covered representations of virtual reality, and those that do exist mainly focus on virtual reality in fiction (see Chan, 2014). Using Content, Discourse and Sentiment Analysis, this research will be the first in-depth look at news representations of virtual reality. As well as uncovering general representations of virtual reality devices, this project will explore whether these portrayals are influenced by media ownership and what differences there are between UK and US coverage as well as between print and online news sources.

Alex Colley, Women’s football in the news
Canterbury Christ Church University

The disparity of coverage within print media between men and women’s football is significant (WSFF cited in Topping, 2012). Preliminary findings by the researcher conducted last year found that in a survey of 435 news articles stretching from late 2015 and into early 2016 within The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Guardian, only two featured women’s football. This study analyses these newspapers utilising a combination of content and discourse analysis adopting a feminist perspective to explore the representations of women’s football in the news media, as well as exploring advertisements and e-media articles online featuring women. The study will compare the frequency and style of coverage between both the men and women’s versions of the game to get an increased understanding of any significant differences between the two. It explores whether women’s football is still on the cusp of sports journalism or whether their representation is now grounded and equal to men’s. Furthermore, the study will explore the development of women’s football in print media to note the changes that women’s football has taken historically and whether this has impacted the development since 2012.


Alex Colley is a Masters by Research candidate at CCCU. His thesis examines the news representations of women’s football. His research interests include sports journalism, gender studies and print media. His wider reading interests include studies surrounding content and discourse analysis across a range of disciplines.

Emma Graves is currently working on an MRes on press coverage of Virtual Reality. Emma’s research interests include videogames (particularly genderisation, player collaboration and the use of gaming paratexts), online communication strategies and the marketisation of the media.


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