11 November 2015 4.15pm-5.30pm

Powell Building – Pf06, North Holmes Road Campus, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, CT1 1QU

Eddie McMillan (CCCU) Bryan Hawkins (CCCU)

The presentation will include extracts from recent research by Eddie McMillan and Bryan Hawkins and a discussion of the place of practice based research and creative outputs in academic research. Extracts from:

  • A Paper: “The Microscopic and Invisible Visible as Space in Murnau’s Nosferatu” (Bryan Hawkins)
  • An Essay Film: Our Eyes See Little and Badly (Eddie McMillan, Bryan Hawkins).
  • An Exhibition: Rendering the Visible Invisible (curated by Andy Birtwistle)

Bryan Hawkins is an artist and curator interested in Visual Culture and in particular Landscape, Film, Animation, Antiquarianism and Drawing. Eddie McMillan is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media, Art and Design. A graduate of the FRTV and MA Media Production programmes, he has worked as an editor, sound designer, director, producer, photographer and cameraman. Powell Building – Pf06 North Holmes Road Campus Email Dr Andrew Butler – andrew.butler@canterbury.ac.uk – for further details

All Welcome