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Research Seminar: Memory, Orality and the Local: Francoist Repression in Rural Spain.


Research Seminar: Memory, Orality and the Local: Francoist Repression in Rural Spain.

4 November 2015

4.15pm-5.30pm Memory, Orality and the Local: Francoist Repression in Rural Spain

Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido (CCCU)

Powell Building – Pf06, North Holmes Road Campus, Canterbury Christ Church University

The winners of any conflict often try to impose their views on the defeated. Through official and unofficial mechanisms, all of which operate under the aegis of the state and other agents that work on its behalf, the voices of the defeated are silenced. One important counter-mechanism that is available, the one that may serve to resist the imposition of the victors’ History, is frequently found in the collection, analysis and publication of oral testimonies, which give expression to, and magnify, silenced and oppressed memories (Portelli 2006). Orality therefore provides us with a window into past events or, rather, with multiple windows that allow us to see and take account of the myriad histories of which the past is actually composed, according not to the state-imposed version, but to the ways in which people remember it. This paper examines some of the memories that the residents of a southern Spanish village have recalled and narrated about the repressive measures that were adopted since 18 July 1936, critically placing their oral testimonies in relation to the state-sanctioned discourses that still prevail about the Civil War and the dictatorship.

Dr Sanz Sabido is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at Canterbury Christ Church University. She has previously taught at University of Leicester and De Montfort University, where she delivered a variety of modules in media discourse, journalism, media and identity, media and globalization, cultural studies, Public Relations, and research methods, amongst other subjects, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her full research profile is here.

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