• 21 October 2015
  • 4.15pm-5.30pm
  • Dr Mihály Szilágyi-Gál (Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, ELTE, Budapest)

The internet seems to fulfill the age-old anarchist vision of a completely de-centralized and self-governing network. But can we make sense to a globally acceptable internet ethics and do internet users have common political identity and global self-representation?

Dr Szilágyi-Gál studied philosophy and political science in Budapest, Debrecen, and Tübingen and received his PhD in philosophy in 2007 from the University of Debrecen. His research interest embraces topics ranging from modern political philosophy to media ethics with special interest to freedom of expression. Besides his professional publications, Mihály Szilágyi-Gál has published many articles in the Hungarian press about politics and media.

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