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Research Seminar 1 March 2017: Ruth Sanz Sabido and Emma Graves on News Values.


Research Seminar 1 March 2017: Ruth Sanz Sabido and Emma Graves on News Values.

Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido and Emma Graves are to discuss news values in the context of postcolonial relations.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media Art and Design
Research Seminars 2016-2017

1 March 2017
News Values and the Postcolonial: An Analysis of the British Press
Speakers: Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido and Emma Graves, Canterbury Christ Church University

This work-in-progress presentation examines the concept of news values in order to determine the extent to which postcolonial relations have an effect on the process of news selection in Britain. ‘News values’ – the (unspoken) criteria of newsworthiness that enables journalists to select which events become news – provide us with a useful notion to analyse the continuing significance of (post)coloniality in contemporary societies. Brunt and Cere (2011), for instance, argue that media production in Britain must be analysed by considering the postcolonial power structures that continue to shape media outputs. While research has been conducted on news values as a more general concept, the (post)colonial perspective has been more limited. For example, Ahmad (1984) analysed the connections between news values and the colonial in Bangladesh, while Carruthers (1996) explores the media representations of ‘terrorism’ in relation to Britain’s colonial past. Yet, there is no large-scale comparative research that examines the relevance of the postcolonial in the assessment of newsworthiness. The objective of this project is to address this gap in the literature, and to contribute to our understanding of how the (post)colonial past, which is officially over, continues to influence contemporary communication practices.

Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at Canterbury Christ Church University. She is the author of Memories of the Spanish Civil War: Conflict and Community in Rural Spain (2016). Ruth is Chair and founder of the MeCCSA Social Movements Network (2013-Present), having previously chaired the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network (2011-2013), and coordinated the IAMCR Mentorship Programme (2012-2015). Emma Graves is currently working on an MRes on press coverage of Virtual Reality. Emma’s research interests include videogames (particularly genderisation, player collaboration and the use of gaming paratexts), online communication strategies and the marketisation of the media.


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