Lecturer Craig Smith has recently provided graphics and user interface design for ‘Atoms NG’, a fast moving multiplayer turn-based strategy game for iPhone and iPad.

“Part of my contribution for the latest incarnation of the game was to create the branding, promotional video, user interface (UI), and illustrations for human and computer opponents. The graphics really come into their own once you start playing the game, as new Atoms animate, spin and explode on the board. Lead developer John Girvin has also included some eye-catching particle animations, and the board itself warps as Atoms are added and explode across the grid. It’s a game that relies heavily on tactics, yet has a very dynamic ‘feel’ to the gameplay. There’s nothing quite like seeing your atoms ‘chain react’ across the board to win a game against the computer or a friend.​ Conversely, one slip-up can result in your opponent seizing their opportunity to win!”​ (Craig Smith, 2014)

​Visit http://www.atomsgame.com for further information on the game and a link to the App store download page.