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Research Seminar 22 November 2017: Tim Long.


Research Seminar 22 November 2017: Tim Long.

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, Dr Tim Long, is presenting a research seminar on schizophrenia and creativity.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media Art and Design
Pf06, Powell Building, North Holmes Campus

Research Seminars 2017-2018

22 November 2017

Alternating Visions:
Aspects of Schizophrenia and Creativity
Speaker: Dr Tim Long (CCCU)



First conceptualised as a diagnostic category in the 1890s, schizophrenia literally means a mind split apart. Tim Long’s presentation seeks to explore a characteristic of modernist art that embraces an anti-rationalist agenda, which simultaneously borrows from the insights offered by psychoanalysis into schizophrenia. Arguably the turbulence of the early twentieth century fragmented a unitary conception of subjectivity, as artists and writers explored the spectacle of selfhood as a montage of mismatched anxieties, drives and impulses. The potential offered to artists by the art of the “insane”, offered fresh ways to depict the psychic distress experienced by the generations who survived the two world wars. These insights were also explored in post World War 2 continental philosophy, and arguably contributed towards a re-configuration of the ways modern subjectivity can be considered and constructed.



Dr Tim Long is an artist who makes objects that embrace hybrid processes integrating digital media into physical objects. He uses his works in multimedia and collaborative performances at live events, and also in public gallery settings. Most recently he exhibited as part of Seldom Seen with Malcolm Allen, Sandra Pearson and Clare Ruddock-West at The Pie Factory, Margate. Tim studied Fine Art at St Martins and the Royal College of Art, and in 2012 was awarded a PhD from UCL for his practice-related thesis that discusses the relationship between subject and object in art practice. Tim is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at Canterbury Christ Church University and is co-director of the Centre for Practice-Based Research in the Arts.


Powell Building – Pf06
North Holmes Road Campus
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