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Research Seminar: 22 February 2017 – Dr Agnes Gulyas on Local Media.


Research Seminar: 22 February 2017 – Dr Agnes Gulyas on Local Media.

Reader in Digital Transformations, Dr Ágnes Gulyás, is to present a paper on local media in the digital age.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media, Art and Design and Centre for Research on Communities and Cultures
Research Seminars 2016-2017

22 February 2017

Local media and local communities
Speaker: Dr Ágnes Gulyás, Canterbury Christ Church University

What are the roles and importance of local media in their community? How has the subject area been studied? How are the internet and online platforms impacting on the relationship between local communities and their local media? What is local news in the digital age? – These are the key questions for this talk, which will provide a review and (meta) analysis of the relevant literature outlining the key areas of concerns, main approaches and gaps in the field. As an important topic in the literature the talk will explore more closely how local media are changing in the digital age and the key issues regarding the impact of internet and online platforms on how local communities communicate and how information are mediated for them. Findings of an empirical study on local news and communication in the digital age carried out by the presenter and Sarah O’Hara will be presented to illustrate particular points.

Dr Ágnes Gulyás is a Reader in Digital Transformations in the School of Media, Art and Design. She is the co-director of the Centre for Research on Communities and Cultures, CCCU and teaching on the Media and Communications, Multimedia Journalism and MA by Research programmes and supervises PhD students in the School. Ágnes’ research interests include digital transformations, social media, communities, media organisations and industries and journalism.

Powell Building – Pf06
North Holmes Road Campus
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