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Kate McLean Exhibiting in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Kate McLean Exhibiting in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Kate McLean, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, is exhibiting at Musée de la Main UNIL/CHUV in Lausanne, Switzerland from 15 February 2019-23 February 2020.

The exhibition, “What Flair! Smell and Emotions“, invites you to explore the incredible capacities of human olfaction, a sense that has long been underestimated in our species.

Presenting a wide range of sensory experiences and artistic installations that echo it, the exhibition reveals the great sensitivity of the human sense of smell, the intimate connection between this sense and our emotion, as well as its unknown role in social communication.

Other artists exhibiting include Marie Boucheteil, Julie C. Fortier, Boris Raux, Susana Soares and Maki Ueda.

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