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Dialogic Imaginations.


Dialogic Imaginations.

Bryan Hawkins is curating Dialogic Imaginations, a series of practice-based research events within the School of Media Art and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University. The first two events are:

Dialogues of the Imagination

Tuesday 7th March 2017. 5.15-6.45PM. Room Pf06 (tbc)

Eddie McMillan (School of MAD) will show work in progress and discuss the relationship between form and narrative in the editing process.

Simple Forms in Art and Science

Tuesday 14th March 2017. 5.15-6.45PM. Room Pf06 (tbc)

Bryan Hawkins (School of MAD) will discuss recent work and work in progress in the context of dialogue between art and science.


Bryan Hawkins is an artist and curator interested in Visual Culture and in particular Landscape, Film, Animation, Antiquarianism and Drawing. Whilst specialising in the broad area of visual culture and art Bryan’s research activities include twentieth century and contemporary art practice and theory, curating, film making and  animation. Bryan is active as an artist and curator and his current creative practice engages themes of romanticism, history place and landscape. These themes have recently been explored through drawing, painting, photography, film, sculpture and installation.

Eddie McMillan is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media, Art and Design. A graduate of the FRTV and MA Media Production programmes, he has worked as an editor, sound designer, director, producer, photographer and cameraman and has taught film, video, multimedia and photography. A founder member of the Powell Research Group he has been active in promoting, researching and archiving the work of Michael Powell and the Archers.


For further details contact Bryan Hawkins

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