Dada Fortnight.

2016 marks the centenary of the Dada movement and the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University will mark this with a series of lectures that aims to blur the boundaries between the formal lecture and artistic performance, offering both creative practitioners and academics the opportunity to experiment with new ways of presenting their ideas and their work. All events are free. Please see the gallery website for further information on each event.

James Frost, ‘Chance and the Readymade’, 26th April 5PM–6PM
Can a found object really be considered a work of art? What were the Dadaists intending with this kind of provocative gesture? This illustrated lecture introduces and explores the Dadaist notion of the readymade and its connection to ‘chance’ as a philosophy of life.

Tim Long, ‘Bazooka Joe and the Munters: Memory and Significant Nonsense in the Art of Tim Long’, 26th April 6PM–7PM
Something odd happens when I am making work, which usually involves cutting and carving lumps of wood; I think of people and figures from the past, and present. These figures meld with current preoccupations, into the object taking form. Language, both verbal and visual, enters into the process. Possible titles, retributional scenarios, dimly lit secrets, ridiculous and nonsensical situations, bubble gum, munters…


Lauren Redhead, ‘Ijereja: Music as an Iterative Process’, 3rd May 5PM–6PM

ijereja is a transliteration of the Mycenean Greek word for ‘priestess’ in the Cretan-Minoan script known as Linear B. The piece draws from disparate sources including Linear B text, Minoan art, modernist fakeries of Minoan art, cartographic practices, fictional maps, Hörspiel drawn from the speech of Countess Geschwitz in Alban Berg’s revision of Wedekind for the opera Lulu, and organ improvisation. This piece is the development of a method of working, established in my entoptic landscape works, which uses iterative composition and performance, over-recording, and notation-asperformance to establish a set of materials that can be used to create performances of different durations and content but with the same musical identity. ijereja is interested in the interrogation of the potentially liminal space between performance, voice, speech, language, text, writing and notation. This performance lecture combines my interests and practices in composition, instrumental performance, graphic notation, and acousmatic sound.

Bryan Hawkins, ‘Something of the ………’, 3rd May 6PM–7PM
Something of the first cause, the impossibilities of meaning and about the routes of an Antiquarian-ism, the roots of the inverted tree, the rites of Dada, the ambiguous monolithic derive and the burning of maps, the art-work as death mask and the great legacy of the future as sombre leaden insolence. Objects, events, words, film.

Julia Moore, ‘Psychometry of Texts: The Limits of Reading’, 10th May 5PM–6PM
Drawing upon the conventions of the reading group and the practices of psychic development, participants will attempt to blind read academic texts sealed inside envelopes. By drawing upon this alternative convention of reading and applying it to ‘difficult’ academic texts, we will think about the different forms reading can take. This experiential workshop – based, seemingly, on the nonsensical, irrational and arbitrary – references Dadaist curiosity about the workings of the unconscious, and generates reflexive rumination about reading’s processes.

Matt Wright and Panos Ghikas, ‘Unreal-Time Combat’, 10th May 6PM–7PM
A digital entendre between Panos Ghikas and Matt Wright. An agglutination of divergent strategies for sampling and non-linear performance (turntables vs interface mapping) aiming towards a total rendering that “cannibalises its own tail”. Da da da, I don’t love you, you don’t love me.

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