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The Publication Cycle.


The Publication Cycle.

Dr Chris Pallant of the School of MAD will reflect upon the publication lifecycle of one of his publications.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media Art and Design

Research Seminars 2017-2018
2 May 2018

Powell Building – Pg06
North Holmes Road Campus
Canterbury Christ Church University
CT1 1 QU

The Publication Cycle
Speaker: Dr Chris Pallant, CCCU


Chris Pallant’s objective for his research seminar is to reflect upon the publication lifecycle of one of his books (Storyboarding: A Critical History), providing an honest and informative account of how the book was supported through funding, how the research was conducted, my strategies for writing a monograph alongside FT teaching/admin loads, working with a publisher to transform the manuscript into a published book, and how to generate REF Impact on the back of published work.

Published by Palgrave, and co-authored with Dr Steven Price (Bangor University), Storyboarding: A Critical History (October 2015) provides the first book-length critical history of storyboarding. With roots in pre-cinematic experiments in the moving image, the form rapidly developed alongside animation, culminating in Disney’s feature-length Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. William Cameron Menzies similarly advanced the use of storyboarding for live-action cinema, although it was just one of his methods of production design for Gone with the Wind, often mistakenly described as a completely storyboarded film. Equally controversial is Alfred Hitchcock’s use of storyboards, as for the notoriously problematic shower scene in Psycho. The form came to greater attention in the late 1970s in the ‘cinema of effects’ of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas; and with the emergence of today’s new digital technologies, storyboarding has never been more prominent. This book examines all of these developments and more, drawing on archival research and illustrated with images from the beginnings of cinema to the present day. The book is available in electronic and printed form.

Chris has a BA, MA, and PhD from Bangor University in North Wales. Prior to joining the School of Media, Art and Design at Canterbury Christ Church, he taught at Bangor and also at the University of Central Lancashire. He is the author of Demystifying Disney: A History of Disney Feature Animation (Continuum, 2011) and editor of Animated Landscapes: History, Form and Function (Bloomsbury, 2015). In 2017, Chris was awarded a Leverhulme Trust grant totalling £118k to fund a research project focused on the Kent-based animation studio, Smallfilms, which has one of the most famous back catalogues in the history of UK animation. This project has a fully-funded PhD Studentship attached to it and will result in the publication of a monograph detailing the history of Smallfilms as well as major retrospective exhibition focussing on the studio’s archives and animated films.

Powell Building – Pg06
North Holmes Road Campus

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