Sarah O’Hara will give the last MAD research seminar of the calendar year on regional media and organisational culture.

Canterbury Christ Church University
School of Media Art and Design
Research Seminars 2016-2017

30 November 2016

Organisational Culture and its Influence on Regional Media
Speaker: Sarah O’Hara (Canterbury Christ Church University)

My research seeks to understand organisational culture within local newspaper organisations and to consider how cultural beliefs shape strategic decisions. It argues that an organisation’s culture shapes its day-to-day management and future digital strategies. Key findings from the research are that micro cultures within an organisation and the ownership model shape its culture; affecting the adoption of new working practices and the cohesiveness of corporate vision. The notion of what is local news is changing; both in terms of the type of news reported and the way reporting formats are used.

Sarah O’Hara has spent the last twenty years working in all areas of the media and communications industry both in the UK and overseas. I have practical industry experience in media, advertising and public relations and have worked for media organisations, agencies and within client companies. She is currently completing her Masters by Research looking at the impact of the digital transformation in media with a focus on regional media in Kent.

Powell Building – Pf06
North Holmes Road Campus
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