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Making your research open access has many benefits; to you as researcher, to the University and to society. For example:

  • Prompt and widespread dissemination of research. Making research open access enables anyone to access it, not just people who can afford the journal subscription fees.
  • Increased citations: research has shown that open access articles are cited more frequently than those that can only be accessed via paywalls.
  • Efficiency gains in the research process through easy access to previous research.
  • Enhanced profile through the availability of an individual’s research output in one place.
  • Increased public understanding and access to research.
  • Innovation, practice development and economic growth driven by access to the latest research.
  • Social justice. Making research open access means that anyone with an internet connection can access the research they need free of charge. This can make a big difference to people’s:
    • Employment and educational prospects
    • Health care
    • Community and social development
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Open access advocates argue that most research is funded by public money, and therefore it should be publicly available. Yet, most people do not have access to most research. Open access can change this.

Making your research open access

There are several ways to make your research open access:

The Learning Skills Team have created a video about open access – click on the image below to view: