Cancelled – Stressless Winter 21/22 Drop in sessions.


Cancelled – Stressless Winter 21/22 Drop in sessions.

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Unfortunately, due to the changes with the COVID regulations we have had to cancel all Stressless drop in sessions for the rest of this year. Hopefully, we will be ready and able to go ahead in the New Year with the Spring/Summer session.

This year we asked you, the student body, to vote on what drop in sessions you wanted to see as part of stressless. We included some recurring classics, some old favourites and a few new suggestions. Why not read through the blog, see what was voted for, when we plan on holding each session and what you can expect; maybe you will see a couple of events you and your friends can come along too, relax and have some fun.

So what did you vote for?

For a period of two weeks prior to stressless starting we setup a voting table on the ground floor of Augustine House advertising the various options and providing a range of examples for each session. There was also an option to vote online using an online form which was shared through various social media channels.

In total we received 300 votes, which is a great introduction to the drop in sessions voting system; which gives you the ability to choose what you want to participate in, rather than us making the decisions.

There were nine events to choose from, with a tenth option to provide your own suggestions on sessions that you would like to see.

The top five sessions were;

  • FREE hot chocolates
  • Study space decoration
  • Biscuit decorating
  • Card and board game session
  • Relaxation session

The votes between five and six were so close that we have also decided to give a bonus session this year, which is;

  • Bonus: Homemade Christmas decorations

The Sessions

FREE Hot Chocolates

Now that the weather is getting colder its always a good idea to have a hot drink to keep yourself warm. Plus, chocolate is great to help you de-stress, while also helping to improve brain function useful for anyone revising or completing assignments.

What’s on offer?

We will have a staffed station setup were you can come along and pick up a FREE hot chocolate; but it doesn’t end there. We can’t just offer a hot chocolate and leave it at that! So you will also have the option to top it off with squirty cream, as well as a selection of extras such as marshmallows, wafers, flakes and more.

Location – Augustine House 2nd floor atrium (by the stressless zone)

Date/Time: Friday 26th November 2-3

Study Space Decoration

When it comes to studying, we all work differently, be it time of day, type of location or background noise. It’s also really important to create the perfect study space for yourself; this will reduce procrastination and lower stress levels. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of decoration to brighten up your area.

Arts & Crafts can also be of great benefit to you. When being creative it can help to build on your confidence and self esteem, while also help you to de-stress and even work towards becoming more mindful.

What’s on offer?

Join us for a paper/card crafting session where you can spend your time focusing on something other than your work or assignments. We have a huge range of options on offer, some harder than others, why not come along and give it a go?

  • Animals (or as we call them desk buddies) – possibilities range from pets (dogs, cats, rabbits etc), to birds (owls, budgies, parrots etc), to other animals (orangutans, hedgehogs, red pandas etc).
  • Fish tanks – Here you need to construct the tank, the fish and the decorations with a wide selection to choose from.
  • Plants – Choose from a range of plants, cactus’ and succulents to decorate your working space.

These will be printed on A4 card which you can help yourself to, then cut and glue to your hearts content. You might wish to do a bigger version and print on A3 card or something slightly easier and print on paper A4/A3, its all a possibility.

Location – Augustine House 2nd floor atrium and AH 2.23 (by the stressless zone)

Date/Time: Tuesday 30th November 9-12

Date/Time: Friday 17th December 2-5

Date/Time: Tuesday 21 December 9-12

Biscuit Decorating (& eating obviously)

It’s important when you are spending so much time studying and revising to take regular breaks to take your mind away, as well as making sure you get something to eat and drink so that you can keep going. Even if it’s something small like a biscuit.

Stress can also be alleviated by having a few laughs with friends and doing something creative.

What’s on offer?

Join us for a one off session where you can come along with your friends or on your own and totally forget about what is going on academically, at least for a few minutes. We provide the biscuits, icing sprinkles and icing pens; lets see how creative you can get and who can design the best biscuit topping.

But it doesn’t end there; We can’t let those decorated biscuits go to waste! So once you are happy with your design, sit back and eat!

Location – Augustine House 2nd floor atrium by the stressless zone

Date/Time: Thursday 2nd December 11-12

Card and Board game session

Taking some time out to do something with friends, to chill, to chat, to laugh is always a positive approach to reducing stress levels. These events will also give you an opportunity to meet and get to know new people if you wish. Put your brains to a more social task, think plan, can you win?

What’s on offer?

Help yourself to any of the card games, board games or table top games found within the stressless zone and sit down with friends for an afternoon or morning. If you have a particular game at home that you would really like to introduce and share with friends, then please bring them along. Stay for as long or as short as you wish. The important thing is to laugh and have some fun.

Location – Augustine House 2nd floor atrium/stressless area and AH2.23

Date/Time: Wednesday 8th December 2-5

Date/Time: Monday 13th December 9-12

Date/Time: Monday 20th December 2-5

Relaxation session

It is very important to take time out to relax and possibly even develop a more mindful way of thinking. Relaxation can reduce levels of stress, while giving you opportunities to re-focus your thoughts and stop you from over doing things and having a meltdown.

What’s on offer?

Join us and chill; totally clear your mind. We will provide a space, some relaxing mindful music and a range of activities such as colouring, puzzles and reading materials which you can help yourself to. Alternatively you can just turn up and sit quietly and clear your mind. Talking will be kept to a minimum to help your stresses glide away.

Location – AH2.23

Date/Time: Friday 3rd December 2-5

Date/Time: Tuesday 7th December 9-12

Date/Time: Wednesday 22nd December 2-5

Music example

BONUS – Homemade Christmas Decorations

Arts & Crafts can be of great benefit to you. When being creative it can help to build on your confidence and self esteem, while also help you to de-stress and even work towards becoming more mindful.

What’s on offer?

We will offer a range of activities and crafts which you can choose to participate in;

Plaster of Paris decorations – Choose from a range of pre-made decorations then paint and decorate as you like.

Paper crafts – Maybe you want to try your hand at origami and creating something out of Christmas paper or choosing one of our construction paper crafts to create your very own tree or star for example.

Mix and Match – We will provide a whole range of resources such as pin cones, fabric, twigs, stickers, thread and much much more; it’s then down to you to see what you can come up with.

Location – Augustine House 2nd floor atrium/stressless zone

Date/Time: Friday 10th December 3-4

The good news is you don’t need to book onto any of these sessions, you can just turn up and join in.

If you and a group friends are interested in one of our more creative sessions, but can’t make the dates provided. Get in touch and we can always see if we can provide you an opportunity to get involved. Just drop me an email;

Don’t forget the stressless zone is also available throughout December and January so you can always come along and do some colouring or play a game any time you would like.

Alternatively you can always drop us some feedback using our online feedback form

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