Stressless is back 2021/2022.


Stressless is back 2021/2022.

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It’s been a while but stressless is finally back! Moving forward we will be running a combined physical and online service, aiming to give more students the opportunity to relax, wind down and develop a mindful mindset. You can get involved on your own or with friends, for five minutes or an hour; it’s entirely up to you.

The Stressless Zone

Please be aware that the university is still following health and safety guidance with regards to the COVID pandemic. For this reason we will not be using the following items, as part of stressless 21/22;

  • The Air Dome
  • Soft Toys and Furnishings
  • Video Box Selfie Props

Chill Out Zone – Come along and relax on our sofa’s and bean bags to get your mind away from the stresses of work and revision. Take a seat on our massage chair and allow the stress to be nudged away. You can also enjoy something from our chillout shelves, maybe a book/comic, or try out a fidget toy or gadget for five minutes.

Social Zone – A great place for you and your friends to hang out and take a break. Enjoy a range of card games and board games, as well as other items such as puzzles and Lego. We also have a range of larger table top games such as football, pool and hoopla, which can be great for a bit of competitive fun. Maybe you’re an arty-crafty type who would like to settle down with a range of artistic opportunities or chill out with some colouring or word puzzles. We might even get our video/photo box out for you to make some fun memories; be great if you could share some with us.

Stressless – Can you escape the box?

Prior to Covid we were given an escape room in a box, created by some former students. We think its time to finally dust it off and test your puzzle solving skills.

If you on your own or as a group (up to 4 players) would like to give this a go, then follow the link and book yourself in. We aim to provide an AM and a PM booking, Monday to Friday, for the majority of the stressless period.

Who knows, maybe we will provide a little prize for the fastest individual/group.

Take a look at the blog for the instructions and access to the booking form.

Stressless Online

We will still be running online information and activities through our Library Twitter and Blog pages, plus through the University Student Year Facebook groups. You may even see us pop up on the University Instagram and TikTok sites too.

Take-a-Break Booklet

Maybe you will be visiting Augustine House but not have time to enjoy the stressless zone. Then why not help yourselves to one of our take-a-break stressless booklets. You can find these at the Library Point or out on the Just Ask pods on each floor. Take it back to your study space and use it as and when you want; Maybe borrow a few colours from the stressless zone to get the fool colouring experience. If you don’t complete it, no worries, you can take it home to finish or bring it in when you next visit.

Library Drop In Sessions

So, this year for the very first time, we have put you, the student body in charge of what drop in sessions the library will run. This has been achieved via the voting table in Augustine House and the voting blog shared online. There were 9 options to choose from, plus the opportunity to make your own suggestions. In total we received a huge 300 votes.

The top five choices being;

  • FREE hot chocolates
  • Study space Decoration
  • Decorate biscuits
  • Board and Card Games
  • Mindful Relaxation

We will now see if we can create some drop in sessions around these areas. Watch this space!

The University and Stressless

You can find our regular sports area for stressless setup in Augustine House. You can find exercise bikes and an exercise video with yoga mats at the back of the first floor atrium; This area now also includes a cross trainer (new addition). Then in the stressless area on the second floor you can find a great video detailing the benefits of studyfit. Alternatively you can check out a whole range of online sessions and activities which can be found here.

You can also find a whole host of events and sessions that are being carried out within the university by visiting the following webpage. There are a wide range of sessions allowing you to interact with other students or work towards a better wellbeing.

Stressless and Covid

Please continue to follow the university health and safety guidelines with regards to covid and using the stressless space.

  • Consider those around you, if applicable socially distance and/or wear a face covering.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after using the stressless area.
  • Use wipes provided to wipe down any areas or equipment you use.

It’s Your Stressless, Get In Touch

Remember, stressless is here for you, so it will only adapt and develop if you let us know your views/opinions and provide us with suggestions on how this space can develop and grow.

There are many ways you can get in touch within the stressless area for example, using our comments white board, using the feedback cards or using a sticker on the targets.

Alternatively, you can use the online feedback form; please make sure you reference stressless in your feedback. The form can be found here.

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