Stressless Feedback & Observations SS 22.


Stressless Feedback & Observations SS 22.

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Stressless has now become common place within our academic year; we know its coming, and we have an idea of what it will involve. However, its important to keep it fresh and relevant, to continuously provide ways that will help YOU de-stress. This is why we always ask for feedback. It helps us develop and look to the future, making Stressless your Stressless! Let’s have a look at what you said this time round.

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary”

Winston Churchill

As with previous sessions we created a range methods that would allow us to collect various forms of feedback during the Spring Summer 22 Stressless Event. Many of these had been used previously and have become recurring ideas due to the success’s seen, while several new ideas were also included.

  • Drop-in event feedback gathering – ie whiteboards, word of mouth, forms, photos
  • Social Media
  • Feedback Cards
  • Target Boards
  • Urns
  • Whiteboards
  • Observations
  • Student Creations
  • The Stressless Team

Drop-in events

We always try to include a range of drop-in sessions during every Stressless period and these give us the perfect opportunity to gather feedback specific to the events, but also Stressless in general. Methods do vary, but often include whiteboards, feedback cards, photographic evidence and general word of mouth discussion. To See the full range of feedback gathered from the drop-in events check out the drop-ins review blog.

Social Media

We currently have three social media channels that we put to good use during the Stressless period; these being Facebook, Twitter and Blogging. We can use these channels to provide a wide range of information and knowledge about Stressless. Feedback through these channels can be viewed through the interactions with individual posts, to the actual comments that have been attached.


Where possible we would post three times a week on all three student Facebook pages throughout the period. This mainly consisted of awareness posts about Stressless or information concerning the various drop-in sessions that were going to be held. In total we released twenty-four posts during the Spring Summer session.

pie chart showing quantity of post types on facebook. 54% were drop-in events, 33% were Stressless related and 13% were competition related

Over half of posts were linked with various
events. While over a quarter linked to
Stressless awareness information.

pie chart showing level of interaction on the 2019/2020 facebook page. Out of 50 interactions 90% were likes, 8% were comments and 2% were shock emojis

Fifty interactions. Over three quarters of
which were likes. Our highest interaction

pie chart showing level of interaction on the 2020/2021 facebook page. Out of 11 interactions 46% were likes, 36% were loves and 18% were comments

Eleven interactions. Almost half of these were likes. Our lowest interaction page.

pie chart showing level of interaction on the 2021/2022 facebook page. Out of 44 interactions 89% were likes, 5% were shock emojis, 4% were loves and 2% were comments

forty-four interactions. Over three quarters of which were likes.

In total we received seven comments on our Facebook posts, only one of these was specifically feedback. This was attached to a Hot Chocolates post commenting ‘another day like this please‘.

  • We do try our best to rotate the days on which we hold our Stressless drop-in events. However, the one thing that does tend to impact this, is the availability of the Stressless Team, quite often due to the days they work.


We had more opportunity with the Twitter Page as it was run by the library services team. We aimed to provide one tweet a day covering a range of topics; general categories for these were:

  • Awareness of Stressless – 31 Tweets
  • CCCU Connected – 13 Tweets
  • Celebratory days/weeks – 17 Tweets
  • Book suggestions – 11 Tweets
  • Top Tips and help – 25 Tweets
pie chart showing level of interaction on our twitter page. We had a total of 318 interactions. 61% were likes, 27% were retweets and 12% were link clicks.

We received a total of 318
interactions on our tweets, which
was a increase on the AW event.
Over half of these related to likes,
while over a quarter related to posts

pie chart showing impressions on our twitter page. The majority of impressions fell below 250.

Twitter impressions were down this
session; for example the AW event had
the majority of impressions fall within a
250-550 range, where as this event the
majority fell below.

Top Tweets for impressions were:

  • Books – Overdrive – 2353
  • Books – Skills for success – 1321
  • Day/Week – Elimination Racial Discrimination – 746
  • Awareness – New stock – 681
  • Awareness – Hot Chocolate Event – 660
pie chart showing level of engagement on our twitter page. 85% fell below 5% engagement average.

As with the previous session twitter
engagements, for the majority, were
below 5%.

Top Tweets for engagement were:

  • Awareness – New stock – 720%
  • Top Tips and help – New cycle route – 13.2%
  • Awareness – Outdoor Games Session – 9.7%
  • Top Tips and help – Ukraine cross stitch appeal – 8.7%
  • Day/Week – National pet day – 7.7%

Blog posts

During this time we aim to provide a range of blogs providing awareness information for Stressless and the activities being held, plus variety of fun, useful, informative concepts. During this period we focused solely on the former. We published eight blogs, being the equivalent to the AW session, but down on older events. Blog posts in order of publication included:

  • Vote for your favourite Stressless activities – 633 views
  • Can you escape the box? – 690 views
  • Stressless is back – 597 views
  • Upcoming Stressless events (also used when activities were postponed) – 330 views
  • CONNECT with Stressless and see our new resources – 239 views
  • Stressless Zone drop-in events for you – 333 views
  • Win £50 of CCCU bookshop vouchers – 641 views
  • Stressless all year round??? Is that possible??? – 131 views

Feedback cards

Our feedback cards have been in existence since the very first Stressless in 2017. These are great, as they allow us to ask specific questions and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of different events and activities. Usually consisting of five questions, both multiple choice and open ended.

Seventeen feedback cards were received on this occasion, which was an increase on the previous event. What was amazing to see was that everyone stated that Stressless had helped them in some way during the assessment period.

Areas regularly used by students included;

  • The colouring wall and word puzzle boards
  • The games and puzzles found on the various shelving units
  • The arts & crafts found in the creative stackers and the craft trolley
  • The giant bean bags

Breaking this down further student favourites included;

  • Chilling in the chillout area
  • Colouring and puzzle books
  • Lego building
  • Reading self-help books
  • Puzzles
  • The massage equipment, especially the chairs
  • The funky maze ball
  • Board games and table top games
  • The marble maze

Future requests included;

  • Air hockey table
  • Hot chocolate machine
  • Cinema room
  • Flat screen TV
  • More Lego
  • NEW Comfy seating
  • The space and furniture for Stressless is something that we are aware of and do hope to look at in the near future.
  • An air hockey table is something that is currently on our wish list, so its great to hear that its something students would like to see. As for more Lego, can there ever be enough? (also now added to the wish list)
  • For day to day needs the café on the ground floor should be able to meet your needs concerning hot chocolates. However, do keep an eye out for our hot chocolate drop-in event.
  • While we don’t have the space for a cinema room or tv’s, we have in the past explored the option of a movie night. Would this be something people would like to see come back?

Target boards

These can regularly be seen in the Stressless Zone, with usually one or on the go at any one time. These work by asking you four straight forward questions, giving you three levels of response. It’s fun and easy, as all you need to do once you have chosen your responses is pop on a sticker in the area you feel best fits.

In total we received fifty-two votes on the singular target board that was provided during this event. It is great to see that the majority of votes fell within the ‘exceeded expectations‘ section for all aspects, which is an improvement on the previous event. (In some instances a vote fell on the line, in these instances we accepted this as a vote for both sides).


We have used the ball and urn technique many times within the library, but never for a Stressless session, so we thought we would give it ago. It was really successful and I think part of the reason for this is due to it being such a quick and easy way to vote or give your opinion on something. We had three urns, three choices and a big tub of balls.

In total we received two hundred and thirty-two votes, which is amazing. Three quarters of these were within the ‘really helpful‘ urn.

Pie chart detailing votes with our urns. We received a total of 232 votes. 75% stated stressless really helped, 17% stated stressless was nice to have, while 8% stated that stressless didnt help.


The day-to-day use of the whiteboards within the Stressless Zone is usually to gather top tips and helpful advise from students, to then share and help with other students. However, on occasion we do notice a few comments that fall more within the feedback narrative, which is fantastic.

“I only come here for Stressless”

Unknown Student

“OMG so nice, I love it, especially the massage bits”

Unknown Student

“Don’t ever take this away”

Unknown Student

Towards the end we also put up a notice exploring the idea of a permanent Stressless Corner, which received the following comments.

  • It is due to comments like this that has enabled us to expand upon the idea of Stressless and introduce the Stressless Corner.


From our perspective, one of the easiest things we can do to gather information, is to observe. We recruit staff from the library office to do this task. All they need to do is jot down the date they saw students using the zone and what they were doing. The Stressless team would also do regular walk throughs of the Zone, giving it a good tidy, but also recording evidence of use. This has been especially useful first thing in the morning to give us an idea of what was used through the night.

pie chart showing observational use. 34% arts and crafts, 21% games and puzzles, 19% large games, 15% chill out area and 11% massage equipment.

Number of observations

Games & Puzzles – 10 observations

Massage Equipment – 5 observations

Large Games – 9 observations

Chill Out Area – 7 observations

Arts & Crafts – 16 observations

Student Creations

You never know what you are going to find when having a walk through of the Stressless Zone; We have found so much evidence of the area being used and love it when we come across creations or completed resources. We will always make an effort to take photos and even keep created items to help us celebrate Stressless.

Colouring and puzzle pages

It takes a little time but we always have a quick flick through the colouring and puzzle books to get an idea of usage. We love coming across your colouring master pieces, You can really tell when a student has taken a good break.

  • Fourteen started or completed colouring pages
  • One Hundred and Fourteen started or completed puzzle pages

Colouring wall and puzzle wall

The puzzle wall has exploded with popularity this year, whether its students working on their own or solving the problems as a team, its great to see. This year we totally lost count of the specific puzzles that were being completed due to the speed it was happening. The colouring wall also had some nice touches made to it, this year being built up from smaller images, rather than one large image.

The Stressless team

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the many kind words that have been provided during the Spring Summer event towards the Stressless team. It is really appreciated by all and we are extremely pleased that you find Stressless a useful and helpful tool.

Comments from the drop-in events

  • Lovely hot chocolate, from lovely people
  • Such a cute idea! Love it! And lovely people
  • Best hot choc & nicest people running the sessions
  • 10/10! We love the people that run this!
  • People who run the sessions go above and beyond

The Stressless Corner

Over the years we have had a few comments or suggestions on how would should do Stressless all year round. There was definitely an increase in this during this event, and some of you have even been chatting with your student presidents. We always hear, and will always do our best to meet your requests where possible. This is why we have now introduced the Stressless Corner. A smaller version of the Zone that will be available outside of assessment periods.

It’s never too late to have your say

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Stressless needs your thought, your ideas, your input to help grow and develop, to really make a difference to students time at university, today and into the future. If you would like to get in touch, please use our Stressless form.

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