Our new self-issue machines and self-return machine are now here in Augustine House!

The new machines are quicker and easier to use, and there is no more scanning barcodes. You can find our smart new self-issue kiosks on the ground floor in the atrium opposite the i-zone.

New self-issue machine in Augustine House

One of the new self-issue
machines in Augustine House

To borrow, you just need to touch your smartcard on the machine, then instead of having to open up each book you can place a number of books on the platform provided and the machine will let you know when they have been successfully issued.

Our self-returns machine also allows you to put a closed book on the conveyer belt and it will disappear silently!

We are also going paperless, so you will now receive an automatic email receipt to help you keep track of your loans.

The self-service machine and security gates are also in the process of being upgraded at Salomons and the library team at Salomons will keep users based at Meadow Road informed regarding our go live dates.

How do I borrow using the new self-issue machines?

Self-issue card reader

Just scan your card
here to sign in

Step 1: Take your items the self-issue kiosks on the ground floor, opposite the i-zone.
Step 2: Select the “Borrow” icon on the screen.
Step 3: Touch your smartcard on the black card reader – no need to scan a barcode.
Step 4: Place your items on the scanning platform.
Step 5: Once your items are issued, the screen will let you know. You will then automatically be sent an email receipt to your university email.

Please note that you will need a smartcard to use the new self-issue machines.



How do I return using the new self-return machine?

Step 1: Take your items to the returns machine on the ground floor, next to the Library Point.
Step 2: Place one item at a time on the conveyor belt. Keep the book closed – no need to scan the barcode.
Step 3: The machine will detect the item and take it away. You’ve now successfully returned your item.

The new self-return machine in Augustine House

The new self-return machine in Augustine House

What if my smartcard isn’t working?

Please visit the Library Point with your smartcard and we’ll make sure your account is updated.

What if I don’t have a smartcard?

You’ll still be able to use the new returns machine, but you will need a smartcard to use the new self-issue machines.

Students: Please visit the i-zone to order a replacement. Please see here for more information.
Staff: If you have never had a smartcard, you’ll need to upload a photo to request one. If you’ve lost your smartcard, you’ll need to report it lost and request a new one. Please see here for more information.
Associates: Please ask your sponsor (normally your line manager) to order one for you through StaffSpace.
Other library members: If you’re a member of the library but not the university (e.g. paid members, SCONUL users, alumni or former staff) we’re working on getting smartcards to replace your existing library cards, and will contact you once they’re available. In the mean time, please visit the Library Point to borrow.