Need help? Why not try Live Chat


Need help? Why not try Live Chat

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A wide variety of businesses these days are exploring various online mediums as a way to provide additional support to their customers and clients. This includes educational establishments such as Canterbury Christ church University, where you can now find help and support with such departments as Library & Learning Resources, IT and the I-Zone. There are so many benefits to using our Live chat system, keep reading to find out more…..

How to find us

Options for live chat can be identified on various Canterbury Christ Church webpages by the appearance of a little blue box in the bottom right hand corner.

blue rectangle containing a speech bubble on the left and the words 'chat with us' on the right.

These webpages are numerous; so you are never far from the chat button and some help. These include webpages for new, current and graduated students. You can also find the link on many of the webpages that provide students with support and information, especially those that are linked with the Library, IT and the I-zone.

When is Live Chat available?

All three departments strive to provide chat as a support channel every day during staffed hours (this is very rarely reduced i.e. illness, bank holidays). You can find the most up to date hours for the Library here (support from IT and I-zone is provided on a similar timescale).

How to use Live Chat

It’s nice and easy! Once you click on the chat with us option, check to see if the chatbot can provide the answer to your query; if not select chat to person at the bottom of the menu. You will then be provided with an option to speak to either the library, i-zone or IT. You will then be asked to enter your name and student ID if you are already a part of CCCU. Don’t worry if not, you can still use live chat as a visitor and bypass this question.

Accessing Live Chat is nice and easy

speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - The great thing with livechat is you only need internet access and you can seek out help. So, whether you are on campus or at home you will have access to the service. You can also chat with us on a wide range of devices for example desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - With livechat you will know exactly where to find us if you need help, as we will be visible on all our library webpages. This saves you having to hunt for contact details such as email or phone number and doesn’t require you to wait in a que at the library point to see a member of the team.
speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - If you are a student, then enter your student details as you start a chat. This will allow us to pull up your library account straight away and means we can jump right into the problem or question that you have, helping to provide a speedy answer.

Having the ability to find the answer yourself

speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - The inclusion of chatbots at the very beginning allows us to provide quick, accessible information for frequently asked questions. You may find the answer to your question before you even reach a member of the library team.

Composing the perfect question

speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - A great advantage is being able to see your problem or query written in text before you, prior to submitting it to us. This gives you the time to make sure we know exactly what you need help with from our initial conversation.
speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - Using livechat allows you to be more personal with your conversation, being less formal and more natural to you as an individual. This allows us to talk in a way that is easily understandable to you as a customer.
speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - Livechat is very limited on the requirement for personal data and so you will only need to provide that which will help us deal with your inquiry. There is also the increased privacy through livechat where you will be dealing with one member of staff and they will visually see the problem or inquiry, so will not need to verbally repeat things back to you.

The service is designed to provide you with quick assistance

speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - You will find with livechat the increased potential for receiving a fast response to your query or problem, providing you with more time to do what is important, for example focusing on your research and studies.
speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - There will be a time when you go through to the wrong department; it isn’t a problem and can be easily fixed. As long as the required department is available on livechat we can transfer you across. The best bit, you won’t need to repeat yourself as they will have access to the previous chat thread and start working on a resolution straight away.
speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - Even out of staffed hours you can drop us a chat. We will receive an alert in our email folder and can pick this up at the start of the next shift. We will then contact you directly via email and help resolve the problem or answer the question that you might have.

Live chat provides the opportunity to multi-task

speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - You can continue with your work, even after you have started a livechat conversation. So, whether you are writing an assignment, searching the internet or skimming a book, pop livechat open on a separate window and keep an eye out for a response or notification.

Ending the service on a high

speech bubble containing the following live chat advantage - Once you finish your chat you can easily provide feedback which will help develop and grow the service in the future. It’s quick, it’s painless, it’s easy. You can also save your transcript of the conversation, so you have it to rely on later.
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To find further information on the times Live chat is staffed or to locate information on other customer service facilities please check here.

There might be times when you feel a phone call, email or face to face discussion is more appropriate, so please do contact us via one of these means if that is the case. For example your enquiry might include a physical or electronic document which cannot be shared via Live Chat.

We hope that you have found this blog useful and that you feel encouraged to contact us through Live Chat in the future. If you encounter any further advantages to using Live chat and your overall experience of the service, then please let us know, we can add it to the blog to assist future users.

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