Document delivery service – Extension of free provision.


Document delivery service – Extension of free provision.

The document delivery service allows you to request items from other libraries when they aren’t available through LibrarySearch. The document delivery service usually costs £2.00 per request for undergraduate students but since the beginning of the pandemic we have been offering this service to all students for free.

We previously advertised that this free provision would end on 31 August 2021 but we are pleased to announce that we are extending it to Friday 21 January 2022.

The restrictions on the number of document delivery requests you can make each year remains the same: 

  • Undergraduate students – Students can request up to 4 items per academic year. This is extended to 15 items in your final year. The service usually costs £2.00 per request but it’s currently free until 21 January 2022.
  • Postgraduate students – You can request up to 25 items (for taught MA/MSc courses) or 50 items (for research MPhil/PhD) per academic year. The document delivery service is usually free but if you request an item for research of a commercial nature, you must include this information when placing your request as there may be an additional charge.

Document delivery requests can be made through LibrarySearch.

Visit the document delivery page for more information

You can get advice on document delivery by emailing for Canterbury requests and for Salomons requests.

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