The document delivery service allows you to request items from other libraries when they aren’t available through LibrarySearch. At present most libraries are unable to provide physical items but we are still having success fulfilling requests for journal articles, book chapters and other items that can be supplied in a digital format.

The document delivery service usually costs £2.00 per request for undergraduate students, however to support you during the current Covid-19 measures, we are removing all charges from this service until the 31 August.

The restrictions on the number of document delivery requests you can make each year remain the same. 

Document delivery requests can be made through LibrarySearch.

Visit the document delivery page for more information

You can get advice on document delivery by emailing for Canterbury requests and for Salomons requests.

Suggest an e-book

We are still taking your suggestions for e-books to purchase. If there are any e-books you need to support your ongoing studies please complete this form to make your suggestion.

We will respond to your request within 5 working days and let you know if the e-book is available to add to our collection and update you on how long it will be before you can read it. Most e-books are normally available within 5 working days of purchase.

If it isn’t available as an e-book, we’ll let you know and discuss the potential of obtaining alternative titles.

Suggest an e-book (#YourDigitalLibrary). We know thar accessing the resources you need while you study off campus is a challenge. That is why we inviting all students to request e-books that will support their studies.

We’re still here to support you

We want to reassure you that we will still be available to support you. You can get in touch on or 01227 922352 (Canterbury) or 01227 927126 (Salomons)

We will be monitoring these lines:

9-5pm (weekdays) 11-5pm (weekends) at Canterbury
9-5pm (weekdays) at Salomons

See the opening hours page for details: