During periods where you have a large amount of work to do for your course, you may find the library becomes your second home.

While sometimes you might want to work in silence by yourself, other times you might benefit from group work, or maybe you just want to socialise with your friends while looking over some notes. The library has created designated zones so that you can study in a way that suits your studying style, and caters to your needs, without disrupting others.

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

Click on a study space. Study in Augustine House Library. There are six steps. (1) Select a study space that best suits your needs, (2) Choose a timeslot the best suits your schedule, (3) Bring a Smartcard and a face covering to enter the building, (4) Find your seat in the study space you chose, (5) Follow social distancing guidelines at all times (6) Use the hand sanitisers and wipes provided
Click and study spaces can now be booked in Augustine House. Please remember to bring a face mask/ covering.

To help keep everyone safe during COVID-19 all our study spaces are socially distanced and antiseptic wipes are available to clean your desk, keyboard and mouse before and after use. We ask everyone to wear a face covering when moving around the building but you may remove it when you’re seated at your Study Space. Please use the NHS contact-tracing app to scan the QR codes located in our libraries. Please read contact-tracing in our libraries for details. 

We have also introduced a Click and Study booking service. You’ll need to book the study space that best suits your needs, so it will be helpful to know what options are available.

Study Spaces

The Silent Zones are in the west wing of the second and third floors of Augustine House. These areas are for times when you need to work on your own in silence.

  • Work silently – no talking or whispering at all in this area, please.
  • Cold food only – no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No leaky headphones – please make sure others can’t hear your music.
  • No phones – please keep phones on silent and take phone calls in the Atrium.

The Quiet Zones are available on the east wing of the second and third floor. These are spaces to focus on your work. Most PCs and printers are in these areas.

  • Work quietly – please respect other library users and keep conversations short. Consider using the Group Work Zone or atrium if you need to discuss your work.
  • Cold food only – no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No leaky headphones – please make sure others can’t hear your music.
  • No phones – please keep phones on silent and take phone calls in the atrium.

The first floor (west wing) is a group work zone. There are also bookable group study rooms on the first, second and third floors of the Library, each with a PC and large screen. You can use these rooms to do collaborative work, such as group assignments or practising presentations. As part of our Covid-19 measures group study rooms currently have a maximum capacity of 2. You can book a study room by using the Click and Study service.

  • For online collaboration – use these areas when you need to discuss work with others online
  • Hold physically distanced conversations – where you need to include others with your work
  • Cold food only – no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • Quiet calls allowed – please keep phones on vibrate/silent. No calls on loud speaker please. 


All study spaces in the atrium can be used for more social, casual work or just taking a break from your studies. There are plenty of PCs and desks here, and there is also access to an outdoor terrace from the back of the second floor.

  • For working together and socialising – feel free to hold physically distanced conversations.
  • Stay connected – Feel free to use this area for video chat, online meetings or catching up with home. 
  • Cold food only – no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • Phones allowed – please take your phone here to make calls. You can leave the ringer of your phone on when you’re in the atrium.

While we strive to make sure that our library offers the best possible learning and study environment for our users, such as the use of designated study areas, it can only be achieved if all our library users respect the rights of others to work quietly in the library. However, we understand this is not always upheld by everyone, and also you might not feel confident enough to ask a group of strangers to be quieter. Therefore we have introduced a Noisy Neighbour Service.

If you do have any problems to report about a noisy neighbour in Augustine House, during staffed hours, you can email noiseAH@canterbury.ac.uk. Alternatively you can fill out an online form. Upon doing this a member of staff will visit the location where the disruption has been reported and resolve the issue, so you can continue your studies without interruptions.