Changes to Covid-19 restrictions at Augustine House.


Changes to Covid-19 restrictions at Augustine House.

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Last week the University published its latest Covid-19 guidance to staff and students. It’s important to read the guidance, to help us keep our library community safe, as the library gets busier at the start of the new academic year. Read on and we’ll let you know how the updated guidance affects the library at Augustine House.

Removal of advanced bookings

Thanks to the 100% fresh air ventilation available in Augustine House, we can welcome the same number of students in nearly all our spaces in the library as we did before the pandemic. With capacity back to normal we are phasing out the need to book in advance. From the week beginning the 6 September you can visit the library without booking.

The 100% fresh air means it can occasionally get chilly if the outside temperature is cold or a bit warm if the outside temperature is hot. We recommend dressing in layers so you can make sure you’re working comfortably.


From 1st September we will be removing the 72-hour quarantine period on returned and handled items. It means items will be returning to our shelves quicker without the three-day delay. The green boxes for handled items will be removed and you’ll simply be able to place books you don’t want to borrow back on the shelves.


If you need somewhere safe to keep your property whilst working in Augustine House, you can now use one of the lockers. The housekeeping staff will be keeping them clean but we recommend you sanitise the locker before and after user with the wipes available around the building. You can borrow a locker key for 14 days. You may wish to renew the locker key if it is close to its due date, or return it if you have finished with the locker. To apply to use a locker, visit the Augustine House Reception Desk to complete a form and be issued with a key.  

NHS Covid-19 app

In-line with the University guidance, we’ve made NHS Covid-19 QR codes available across the library. We’ve introduced new unique QR codes into each of our group study rooms to compliment the unique codes we had on each floor of Augustine House. It’s important to use the app to check in where you’re studying and help keep Covid out. Read contact tracing in our libraries for further details.

Social distancing

You’ll see all one-way systems and social distancing signage has been removed. Augustine House is a large building, and we ask you to keep your distance and respect each other’s space where you can.

Face coverings

Face coverings are no longer mandatory in Augustine House but remain highly recommended when moving through the building, especially in busy areas like the atrium. We recommend wearing a face covering when you enter Augustine House and removing it once you’re sat at your chosen PC or study space. Wearing a face covering will help protect you and others.

Keep it clean

Wash and sanitise your hands regularly and use the available wipes to clean down any shared equipment before and after use. Housekeeping will continue to clean frequently touched surfaces during the day and buildings overnight. As more services become available such as lockers, we will ensure additional wipes are available where they weren’t before.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. We’re currently making plans to safely bring back additional services like multi-use group study rooms. We’ll continue to update this blog over the coming weeks with further changes. Follow us on twitter @ccculibrary for the most up to date news. In the meantime, stay safe, we’re looking forward to seeing our wonderful library community again but please keep being careful and considerate – so together we can help keep COVID out.

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