Autism Acceptance Week 2023


Autism Acceptance Week 2023

We’re celebrating Autism Acceptance Week this year from the 27th March to 2nd April at Augustine House.

In the UK, more people are being diagnosed with autism than ever before, particularly among adults. This year our goal is to raise awareness of autism and how it affects people of all ages, and what support we can provide here at the University.

Support for autistic students

Visit the link below for details on how Canterbury Christ Church can help support you with autism, as well as any other disability or mental health concerns:

Find out more

If you want to find out more about autism, why not read one of our eBooks, have a look at some of the programmes on our Box of Broadcast playlist, check out our Wakelet of eResources, or visit our display at Augustine House Library?

Try the links below!

Different, Not Less
by Dr Temple Grandin
Stim: an Autistic Anthology
by Lizzie Huxley-Jones
Late Bloomer
by Clem Bastow
Queerly Autistic by Erin Ekins
Camouflage: the Hidden Lives of Autistic Women
by Sarah Bargiela
The Secret Life of a Black Aspie
by Anand Prahlad
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