Augustine House Library – Arrangements during lockdown.


Augustine House Library – Arrangements during lockdown.

Can I go to the Library?

On the 5 January, the country entered another lockdown. For most of us this means following with the main government stay at home order. Students should remain where they are currently living and should not travel to access university facilities, including the library, until the resumption of their on-campus teaching.

The library can be accessed for essential use by those from a small number of exempt programmes and students with certain exceptional circumstances. See the section ‘Who can access campus facilities?’ on the Supporting you during national lockdown page for guidance.

You will also need to follow the asymptomatic testing guidelines if you plan on making use of campus facilities. The government currently recommends that any students coming onto campus should take an asymptomatic test twice a week.

What services are currently available?

If you can come to the library under the current government guidance the following services are available:

The building is currently open:

  • 8am – 10pm (Monday – Friday)
  • 10am – 5pm (Saturday – Sunday)

Please see our opening times page for further details

Other campus libraries

For arrangements at the Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology Library please read here

For arrangements at the Drill Hall Library please read here

Changes to borrowing

To reflect that most of our users will not be able to come into the library, the following changes will shortly be made to borrowing:

  1. All items on loan will be automatically extended to the 29 March. We will be regularly reviewing this date and extending it in line with government and University guidelines. This extension includes i-borrow laptops, locker keys and document delivery items.
  2. With users unable to return their items in person, on Friday 15 January reservations will be suspended on any items that are out on loan. If you try to place a reservation you will receive an error message “No items qualified for Hold” or “User cannot check out this book“.
  3. Any items that are currently reserved will also have their due date extended to the 26 February meaning existing reservations will not be supplied until users can return items to the library.
  4. You will still be able to place reservations on items that are held at another campus library. The inter-site loan service between Augustine House and Salomons library will continue, with items moving between the campuses weekly on a Wednesday.

Library support

Library Point

From 25 January, Library, i-zone, and IT will be providing virtual support from 9am – 8pm Monday – Friday and 11am – 4pm at weekends.

The Library Point will be staffed 10am – 3pm (Monday – Friday)

This is in recognition of the different types of support students may need during this lockdown, with many busy with childcare and caring responsibilities in the day, as well as many of our students being on placements at this time.

All services will be offering email support, but i-zone and Library Point will also be offering telephone and live chat throughout these times.

Visit the opening hours webpages for more details

Learning Skills

Your Learning Skills Team offers virtual workshops and individual academic tutorials bookable through the Learning Skills hub.

  • Learning & Research Librarians can help you with your research finding, evaluating and effectively using appropriate information for your studies. They can also advise you on ways to make referencing easier.
  • Learning Developers can help with the planning and preparation of assignments, presentations and projects.

Read Your Study Skills for an overview of the study support available.

Keeping you safe

We work closely with the University Health and Safety Officers to ensure we are providing a safe space.  We:

  • regularly clean all surfaces, including the self-service borrowing machines are thoroughly and regularly cleaned. 
  • provide hand sanitising stations. 
  • physical distancing measures with signage indicating safe spacing in queues.
  • Store returned and handled items away for 72 hours until risks of virus transmission has been mitigated

We ask you to: 

  • always wear a face covering when in our Library buildings, even when seated and 2m apart.  If you wish to indicate that you are exempt, face covering exemption cards for lanyards are available from Anselm security lodge and Medway and Salomons receptions. As a University, we also recognise the Hidden Disability sunflower lanyard.  See Your campus during lockdown for details.
  • regularly clean your hands.
  • adhere to room capacities, group study rooms are currently single occupancy only.
  • sanitise your workspace or printer before and after use with the wipes provided.
  • place books you have used but do not want to borrow in the designated boxes.
  • make use of the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app when in our libraries. Read contact-tracing in our libraries for details.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, you should not request a booking date or visit the library building if any of the following apply 

  • you, or any of your household, have returned from international travel to any non-exempt overseas country, or had a transit stop in a non-exempt country (see the ‘travel corridors’ list and further guidance on 
  • you have COVID-19 symptoms or are awaiting a test for COVID-19 
  • you have tested positive with COVID-19 (even if you have no symptoms) 
  • you live in a household with someone with COVID-19 symptoms or with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 
  • you have been advised to self-isolate by Test and Trace 


(1) Your Digital Library

Access the wealth of online resources available through LibrarySearch. Read See what you can achieve with your Digital Library for an overview on accessing e-books, online journals and databases. You can also:

(2) Learning Skills Hub

The Learning Skills hub is a collection of short and interactive modules on the topics students often book tutorials for, such as academic writing, critical thinking, referencing and time management.

Your Learning Skills Team offers virtual workshops and individual academic tutorials for students – bookable through the Learning Skills hub.

(3) Document Delivery

During the national lockdown, libraries are unable to provide physical document delivery items but we are still having success fulfilling requests for journal articles, book chapters and other items that can be supplied in a digital format. We are current offering the document delivery service free of charge to undergraduate students until 31 August 2021.  Please make your document delivery requests through LibrarySearch as normal.

See the Document Delivery page for further details.

(4) Scan and Deliver

Scan and Deliver Service pictorial summary. 1. Use Library Search to search for a print only item available in Augustine House. 2. Submit your request for scanning using a designated form available on the Library blog, webpages and LibrarySearch homepage. 3. Once the item is scanned, you will receive an email with a .pdf file to your CCCU email. Read the blog for more details.

The Scan and Deliver Service makes print only books and journals, which we only hold in the Augustine House or Salomons Institute libraries, available for essential work, research or study. 

You can request:

  • One article from any one issue of a journal of which we only hold a print subscription.
  • Book chapter or 10% of a work which we only hold in printed form.

Use LibrarySearch to locate the item you need and, if it is showing as available, submit your request for scanning using this form.

For more details see the Scan and Deliver web page.

(5) Suggest an e-book

If you require a book title that we only hold in print or not at all, you can suggest it for purchase using the suggest an e-book service.

Visit for details.