The first part of this blog looked at the changes we’ve made around the resources in the library and making them easier to discover. I’m now going to talk about the changes we’ve made to the library spaces and facilities which have been driven through your feedback. We’ve gathered feedback from questionnaires, whiteboards and just talking with you at the library point. Let’s look at some of the changes you’ve made happen…

Opening times

Last time we mentioned the installation of self-service machines at the Salomons library. One of the big benefits, is that it’s given us the flexibility to extend our opening times until the Lucy Fildes House closes on a self-service basis. We still provide a staffed service until 6pm but after that you can make use of the spaces, facilities and issue and return books until the building itself closes later in the evening. For full details visit our opening times page.

Finding the right spot to study in

Some of you let us know that you were experiencing too much noise in the library, so we’ve introduced clear zoning across the space. The IT Suite is the perfect place for group study where you can talk whilst working. The library end is now designated for quiet study only. Please make sure your phone is on silent and you take phone calls outside the library. If you’re using headphones, please make sure no one else can hear them.

Group Zone logo

You can make use of the IT study room and the pods for group study. The boards on the sofas do an excellent job at dampening down noise but they aren’t sound proof so please keep voices low.

Group Study sofas

Improving facilities

Several new facilities have been requested by you and we are happy to have been able to make them available.

We often got complaints that the old printers were too slow and clunky, so over the summer we replaced all the printers/scanners/photocopiers across our libraries with new ones! The new machines are much faster and should be easier to use.

You asked for a water dispenser to save the long trip down to the ground floor for drinking water. A water dispenser is now available on the third floor. You’ll find it near the beginning of the book stock.

You asked for more desks without PCs that have easily accessible power to charge your own devices. We’ve setup an extra four study desks in the quiet study area where you can easily plugin a laptop and work.

Lamps have been added in some of the darker corners for improved lighting and cushions to make the sofas more comfortable. We’ve broken up the white spaces using a variety of plants.

We’re often asked for places where student notices can be displayed so we’ve added noticeboards on the way into the IT Suite and in the Quiet Study area near the fire exit. If you’d like a notice to be displayed please hand it in at the Library point.

Noticeboard – Just ask at the Library Point if you want to post anything to it.

Who are we?

One of the simplest requests we had, was something to explain who the staff were in the library. You’ll find a who is who with our smiling faces on the door as you enter the Library. We hope it helps you feel at home.

Any feedback?

Please don’t wait until the next feedback event to leave us feedback. We have a feedback form available on the Library and Learning Resources website. Get in touch at any time.

The view from Salomons Library across Royal Tunbridge Wells